How to get from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm City?

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Today we are continuing giving practical information for the incoming tourists to Stockholm. Chances are, if you are flying in from abroad, that you’re going to land at the international Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN). This is the main airport of Sweden, situated at approximately 42 km north of Stockholm City. So, let’s see what options you have for reaching the city.

1. Bus: Flygbussarna
One decent option to reach the city is by using the airport coaches. Flygbussarna offers this services to various parts of  Stockholm. To the city center one trip will cost 99 SEK per person. Note that buying group tickets will give you a discount.

2. Train: Arlanda Express
Maybe the fastest option is to take the Arlanda Express. This service is available non-stop and the trains run every 10-20 minutes from the airport to the central station and the trip takes around 20 minutes. A regular one-way ticket for adults is 280 SEK. For the full list of prices and special discounts, check out the official website or the mobile app.

3. Taxis
Of course, one common transfer option is by taxi. You can find the taxis just outside the terminals.  Within the set boundaries in Stockholm one should not pay more than 675 SEK for a ride to one address and having 1-4 passangers. Make sure to ask the details before starting trip.

Remember to check the comparative prices written on the window, on a yellow background. The regular maximum amount one can pay for a 10km/15 min ride in the city will be written in large black letters.

Taxi companies we can recommend: Taxi Stockholm and Taxi Kurir.

4. Public transport (1): commuter’s train
From SkyCity, between Terminal 4 and Terminal 5, you can take the commuter train (pendeltåg) to Stockholm. The ride takes about 38 minutes. For detailed prices and trip planning, check out SL’s official website, the organization which runs the public transport within the Stockholm county.

Note: When you get access to the commuter’s train station within the airport you will have to pay an access fee of 120 SEK if you use this option.

5. Public transport (2)
Another option is to take the bus number 583 to Märsta Station from the Terminal 5. From Märsta you can take the commuter’s train to the central station. The trip takes about one hour. For prices, check out the same website mentioned above.

Note: This option is a better choice if you are going to the airport from the city center, because, in this way, you are avoiding the access fee we talked about. This is maybe the cheapest way to leave/reach the airport.

5. Public transport (3)
This option is for those of you who need to travel during the night time using the public transport. SL is offering the night bus number 592, which connects the airport with the central part of the city. By using this option, again, you avoid the payment of the access fee to the airport.

6. Car: Rented cars and carsharing
Lastly, there are various companies from which you can rent cars at Arlanda Airport and more information, for each of them, can be found at the specific office within the airport. You can reach the central station/central part of the city, by taking the E4 main road from the airport. This ride should take about 30 minutes.

Note: You can also use the carsharing service. At Arlanda you can use DriveNow or Sunfleet.

Extra tip: You can even rent helicopters from Arlanda Airport. Find out more about it here.

Text: Ionut @ stoRy touRs
Photo: Arlanda Express