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The last days of March are here. This may sound sad, but actually we are talking here about great news! Why so? Because the end of March usually brings the Swedish spring in full power and, in general, the weather of the last week confirms it! So, what better time to look at the best parks in town?

Kungsträdgården. It’s definitely one of the most popular public parks in Stockholm. Situated right midway between the Old Town (Gamla Stan) and the new center (Centralen), Kungsträdgården ties up the urban well-being in Stockholm. Here you’ll get to see major events, attend fan zone or enjoy the sun on a lazy weekend. Pro tip: enjoy the cherry blossom in the second part of April.

Ivar Los park. It’s surely not a large park, and it’s also quite hard to find if you are not really looking for it. But oh, boy, what a view you’ll get! Situated right above Monteliusvägen in Södermalm, you’ll get an overview of Lake Mälaren looking towards Kungsholmen, the City Hall, the new center and the Old Town. Totally recommend it for a lunch break!

Djurgården. Not only a park, but actually a whole district within Stockholm. Besides being the home of some of the city’s landmarks, like the world-famous Vasa Museum, the amusement park Gröna Lund or the very popular Skansen museum, the island of Djurgården also offers fantastic park! Rent a bike and you can spend a whole day here!

Hagaparken. A great destination for a whole day too! It’s situated in the northern part of the Swedish capital and here you can find both the Haga Palace and Gustav III’s Pavilion or the Chinese Pavilion. With such landmarks, do not be surprised if you see around locals like the Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, who live in the Haga Palace with their children.

Rålambshovsparken. It’s a park in the district of Kungsholmen. Quite a large park and popular with locals, it’s placed at the end of a wonderful walk on the waterside on Norr Mälarsrand from the City Hall. It especially gets our attention when during the autumn it’s transformed in a huge public cinema for movie screenings.

Bonus. Small parks, hidden from the center, where you can enjoy the sun while blending in with the locals: Observatorielunden, Trekantsparken or Vasaparken.

Make sure to enjoy Stockholm at its best. So do put a park on your must-see list while traveling to the north. You’ll get more than you expect from a day in a park in Sweden!

Text: Ionut @ stoRy touRs
Photo: Renata @ stoRy touRs