StockholmSubwaystoRy #52 – Vårberg

Stockholm Subway with stoRy touRs

Happy holidays, everyone! On this wonderful day we are bringing you our last entry for this year in the Stockholm Subway stoRy. We are delighted to see your interest for this project and we’ll be back here on the 1st of January with a contest for our followers!

Now, let’s talk about Vårberg, a subway station located in the neighborhood with the same name, in the southern-western part of the Swedish capital. The station was opened in December 1967 and it serves the T13 red line in the subway network.

Vårberg is an outdoor station, situated between Skärholmen and Vårby Gård. It has only one entrance, which leads to a tunnel directly to the large platform surrounded by two tracks, one for each way. More than 6.000 people are using the station on a regular working day.

The artistic decorations here were made in 1996 by Maria Ängquist Klyvare. Her work on ceramic walls is called In our hands, showing hands of men, women and children.

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