StockholmSubwaystoRy #72 – Ropsten

Stockholm Subway with stoRy touRs

Half of days in May are behind us know. And while waiting for the 2017 Europa League final to take place next week, we are presenting you the next station in our stoRy. Today, we are talking about Ropsten. Here we go!

Today’s station is located in the district with the same name.  It was opened in September 1967 and nowadays is the end station of the T13 red line in the subway system of the Swedish capital. On the day when the station was inaugurated by the King Gustaf VI Adolf, just one day before Sweden switched its traffic to right-hand.

The station is at circa 15 meters above the street level. This station is also connected to the Lidingöbanan tramway. Also, there is an important bus terminal for the whole south-eastern Stockholm area, just below the station. Before Ropsten, southbound, comes Gärdet. Together with the busy bus terminal and the tram service, Ropsten gathers around 20.000 people on every working day.

The artistic decorations here were done by Roland Kämpe and Matts Jungstedt. Kämpe designed in 1971 the hallway towards Hjorthagen and the drawing of the worm within the station. On the other hand, Jungstedt created the forged gate at one of the exits in 1980. 

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