StockholmSubwaystoRy #19 – Bergshamra

Stockholm Subway with stoRy touRs

Bergshamra subway station opened in 1978 and it is located on the red line in Stockholm’s subway system in Solna Municipality. The artistic theme of this station is called Voices from the Past.

The artists who designed the station – Göran Dahl, Carl Johan De Geer and Kristina Anshelm –  used various techniques, words and pictures to express the passing of the time. At 20 meters below the ground, this is a stoRy of evolution on Earth, from 300 million years ago to the present day.

In Bergshamra, you will find references to evolutionism or representations of known runic inscriptions from Gotland and Östergötland. There are also glimpses of Russian culture through the train of culture from the 1920s or of German culture through Goethe’s color wheel.

The station invites the traveler to knowledge and it offers a unique visual experience. We believe that it’s a place worth checking when you are in town. Check out here our previous stoRies in the Stockholm Subway stoRy and discover the intriguing art of the Swedish subway!