StockholmSubwaystoRy #44 – Kärrtorp

Stockholm Subway with stoRy touRs

The Stockholm Subway stoRy continues today with its last entry from this October. This time we are going to talk about Kärrtorp, a station which was opened in November 1958, almost 58 years ago.

The station is located in the district with the same name in the southern part of the Swedish capital and it serves the south-eastern end of the T17 green line in the subway network of Stockholm. Kärrtorp is situated above the ground, it has a large platform and two tracks along it, one for each way. It’s not one of the busy stations in the city, having around 5.500 visitors on a regular working day.

The artistic decorations here were designed by Björn Olsén and were installed in 1994. His work is represented by glass paintings scattered along the station. Each of these paintings depict an unusual sign and underneath it the letter assigned to it, therefore representing the whole Swedish alphabet. The glass boxes give an unique feeling in the station when the sunlight passes through them.

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