StockholmSubwaystoRy #51 – Vårby Gård

Stockholm Subway with stoRy touRs

There are only two Sundays left in this year and today we are going to present you Vårby Gård, a lovely subway station, in the open, in the south-western part of the Swedish capital.

Vårby Gård is located in Vårby, Huddinge and it was opened in October 1972. Towards the southern end of the line Vårby Gård is followed by Masmo, while towards the northern end of its line comes Vårberg.

Today’s station is placed above the ground, having a large platform, two tracks along its sides and only one entrance. The red T13 line uses this station and almost 4.000 passengers are passing by here on a regular working day.

The artistic decorations were made by Rolf Begerström in 1999 under the name of Flora, represented by murals of exotic plants. According to the author, the large depictions of foreign plants aim to make the station more beautiful and to give it personality.

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