25 years for the Vasa Museum

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Today we at stoRy touRs are celebrating the 25th birthday of the great Vasa Museum! The museum was opened to the public on 15th of June 1990, after almost 30 years of preparations.

Of course, Vasa’s long journey to Vasa Museum started in 1628 with its maiden voyage. It was a long journey in terms of time, not much in terms of distance. But after more than 300 years under waters the Vasa ship emerged and its beauty was shown again to everyone.

In order to celebrate this special moment, take a look here at how Vasa was taken out of the water before the construction of the museum. Isn’t this just amazing?!


Next time you are in Stockholm contact us and we will offer you a memorable tour of Vasa, so you experience this exceptional museum as you should!

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