Easter time in Sweden

Even if the spring time is not settled yet in Northern Europe, this Sunday swedes do celebrates the Easter Day. Easter (Påsk) in Sweden is a holiday to be celebrated together with the family, maybe in the countryside and with traditional food.

Both the Easter Day, this Sunday and the Easter Monday are public holidays. But many shops and institutions are having a special schedule from the 24th to 29th this year. The celebration already starts on Maundy Thursday when the children dress up as witches and go around the neighborhood, from house to house, and ask for candies, money or Easter eggs, similarly to what happens on the Halloween.

Also, children often go egg hunting during Easter time! This can be done either at home or at the museums or various institutions. For example, this year children are invited for egg hunting at the Royal Palace and Millesgården.

The food is important too during Easter. The eggs are common, of course, but Swedes serve also pickled herring, salmon, roasted lamb or Jansson’s temptation (Janssons frestelse), together with snaps. Sweets are on the table too, often represented by chocolate in the shape of an egg, Easter bunny or chicken.

Colored feathers, as in the picture, are put all around the town, together with twigs. These are the most common decorations during the Easter time and can be set up even with one week before the Easter day, signaling that the Easter break is coming soon.

One of the most Swedish experience during this time definitely includes a visit to Skansen. There you can take part in the Easter market, hear stories about the local tradition, get to try the festive food and much more! Take a look at the official calendar for the detailed schedule. Also, over the weekend there are events available for the whole family at MedeltidsmuseetModerna Museetthe Royal Stables and in Täby Centrum.

Glad Påsk from stoRy touRs to all of our friends celebrating Easter this week!

Text: Ionut @ stoRy touRs.
Photo: Falugruva/Mostphotos