New salmon in Stockholm’s waters

A curious event took place today close to Kungsträdgården, at one end of Störmbron, in the central part of the city. Many people gathered, both tourists and locals, and looked with wonder at the track parked close to the water.

This Monday at 13.00 on point 30.000 salmon and trout were released into the city’s waters by the City of Stockholm, together with Fortum and HEBA.

The event takes place in Stockholm since the 1970s and the organizers claim it to represent one of the symbols for the coming of the spring in the Swedish capital. The releasing of the salmon into the water adds to the general issue water quality of the city and shows the Swedish interest for the environment and life.

All the people present today at the event were glad to take part in this intriguing tradition, especially the kids coming on a trip from school. Also, everyone was greeted with gummy fish candy. Here are our videos and photos from today:

Video 1 // Video 2

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Text: Ionut @ stoRy touRs
Photo and video: Renata @ stoRy touRs