StockholmSubwaystoRy #48 – Hallunda

Stockholm Subway with stoRy touRs

The last Sunday in November is here, so it’s our stoRy of Hallunda, a station situated at the south-western end of the T13 red line in the subway network of the Swedish capital.

Hallunda is the second to last station on its end of the line, Norsborg being the terminus of T13. Today’s station got its name from the district in which is located in, part of Botkyrka municipality in the Stockholm county. Its position makes it one of the westernmost stations in the Stockholm’s subway system.

The station was opened in January 1975 and it has a large platform and two tracks along it, one for each way. There is only one ticket hall at Hallunda, which can be accessed from two different entrances. One entrance it’s true the green bridge, depicted below, a symbol of the area.

The platform, which is outside, is situated at approximately 32 meters above sea level, giving the traveler an unique sight over the area. Every working day a bit more 3.500 people pass by Hallunda metro station.

The artistic decorations here were made by Kazuko Tamura and were installed in 1993. One can see the artist’s work just outside the ticket hall, before entering the station. A joyful view of poles with neon light on the roofs.

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