StockholmSubwaystoRy #57 – Extra: The Yellow Line

Stockholm Subway with stoRy touRs

In the autumn of 2016 we talked about the new Stockholm City Line (Citybanan), which will be opening on the 10th of July in the coming summer – eight years later after the constructions begun in January 2009. Today, we talk again about the future, but this time from the perspective of the subway system.

As you could already learn from our Stockholm Subway stoRy project, the county of Stockholm is served by three lines in the subway network: blue (T10 and T11), red (T13 and T14) and green (T17, T18 and T19). Soon, they will be joined by the new yellow line!

The construction is planned to stat in 2018. And should be finalized within six years. The new line will start from Arenastaden (new station), followed by Hagastaden (new station) and join the green line in Odenplan, following it all the way south to Farsta Strand and Skarpnäck. This will connect Solna and the new developments in the area to the central and southern parts of the city.

Here you can see where the new stations on the yellow line will be placed. While here and here you can see two videos showing more information about the yellow line. Use the automatic translation for subtitles on youtube to get a decent English text for a better understanding.

Together with other changes made on the blue line, this project will be constructing 10 new stations in the city and 20 km of tracks in a period of 6 to 8 years, starting from 2018. In our future posts we will touch upon the changes made for the blue line and see how this project will remodel the map of the subway system in the Swedish capital.

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