StockholmSubwaystoRy #83 – Zinkensdamm

Stockholm Subway with stoRy touRs

Hello everyone and welcome back to our saga! Today, we are continuing our adventure with Zinkensdamm, the 83rd entry in the Stockholm Subway stoRy.

The station we are presenting you today was opened in April 1964 and is located in Södermalm, in the southern part of the Swedish capital. The station gets its name from the area within Södermalm. Nearby one can find the Zinkensdamms IP arena or the Tantolunden park.

Zinkensdamm is about 19 meters underground, below Ringvägen. This underground station has one entrance and one ticket hall. Maybe this also shows that is not necessarily one of the busy transport hubs in town, with only around 6.500 people passing by here on a regular day.

On the other hand, the station serves the red lines T13 and T14 in the subway network, the lines connecting the south-western part of the city with its north-eastern one. Towards the northern end comes Mariatorget, while southbound follows Hornstull.

Here we were fascinated by its intriguing ceramic tiles. They were designed by Göran T Karlsson and John Stenborg in 1991 and 2003. Otherwise, here, amongst advertising, artistic work is temporary presented.  This happened since 1998. So enjoy the art while using the metro!

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