StockholmSubwaystoRy #7 – Danderyds Sjukhus

Stockholm Subway with stoRy touRs

Danderyds sjukhus is a subway station in the Stockholm’s subway system, placed between Mörby Centrum and Bergshamra at one end of the red line. It got its name from the hospital it serves, the Danderyd hospital (sv: sjukhus).

The station was opened in 1978 and it is an important public transport hub, connecting the subway system to the bus terminal, while being close to the Mörby train station.

The artistic decorations alongside the tracks have changed over time. Nevertheless, Hertha Hillfon‘s work is still there. She decorated the walls, floors and pillars in the passageway leading to the hospital with scratches of healing herbs and other ancient medicines.

At the other exit of the station there is another original piece of work, a mural by Pierre Olofsson, called The Tree of Life. It was completed later on in 1992 by Duo, a sculpture in the newly-built bus terminal.