StockholmSubwaystoRy #21 – Västra Skogen

Stockholm Subway with stoRy touRs

Västra Skogen, or the Western Forest, is a station on the blue line of the Stockholm subway system, placed in Huvudsta within the Solna Municipalty.

The colorful station was opened in 1975. And besides its unique art you can remember this station by having the largest escalator in western Europe: 66 meters long with a vertical rise of 33 meters.

Also, Västra Skogen is unusually large, having two platforms and three tracks, which is not so common in Stockholm. They are used for the well-functioning of the two T10 and T11 blue lines.

This part of the municipality was previously called The Nothing Forest or Ingenting skogen, after a farm nearby called Nothing or Ingenting. 

This intriguing history and myths of the forest inspired the designer Sivert Lindblom. The art here is represented by colorful ceramic tiles with various patterns, each of them following its own “rules” offering the traveler a sense of wonder.