The Stockholm Public Library

The Swedish capital has many great attractions. Even if we talk about the world-famous Vasa Museum, the popular Gamla Stan or the stunning archipelago, one can easily see that Stockholm has it all. But how many of you know about the beautiful Public Library in Odenplan?

Stadsbiblioteket or the Stockholm Public Library is located in a part of the city called Vasastan, in Odenplan, to be more precisely. The building itself was opened in 1928 and its architect was the famous Gunnar Asplund.

The idea of constructing a public library was proposed as early as 1918, but the construction began only in 1924. The opening day was 31st of March 1928. Nevertheless, it was fully completed in 1932. The park next to the library and other annex buildings were part of the original concept, but they were developed later on.

Asplund’s library was the first Swedish library which allowed the public to browse through the shelves without asking the librarians for help. It is also believed that the public library at Arnos Grove tube station in London is based on the Stockholm Public Library.

The system of public libraries in Stockholm is composed by 40 libraries. At the Public Library you can find more than 2 million books and over 2.4 million pieces of audio material. Also, its international section offers access to material in over 100 languages.

If you want to know more about the library’s activity, have a look here. Also, see here a stunning 360 view of the main room of the establishment representing the Nordic Classicism.

So if you are in Stockholm, do not miss this stop. Beautiful, close to the center and with free entrance! Totally a must-see, one of the most beautiful libraries in the world considered by the Conde Nast Traveler magazine.

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Photo: Ionut @ stoRy touRs