The Swedish Museum of Natural History celebrates 100 years!

This weekend the wonderful Swedish Museum of Natural History celebrates 100 years of existence! Its beautiful building was designed by Axel Anderberg and it was finished in 1916.

The museum is stated-owned and it’s under the administration of the Ministry of Culture. According to the official website, its task is to “promote interest in, and knowledge and research on, the origins and development of the universe and Earth, on the plant and animal worlds and on the biology and natural environment of human beings”.

And if you will pay a visit to Naturhistoriska, you’ll truly get a special feeling. Among the current exhibitions there are the Diversity of Life, Fossils and Evolution, Swedish Nature or The Human Animal. Also, don’t forget about the Restaurant Fossilen! The perfect place for a fika break in an unique environment.

The museum it’s also know for its building, which reminds of a real-size palace. The completion of the building it was done 100 years ago and it’s celebrated this weekend. It was inaugurated by Gustav V of Sweden and up today it still hosts the largest museum in Sweden.

On both days, 12th and 13th of November, the museum is opened from 10.00. You will be welcomed with contests, games, face painting, experts, music and a general feeling of celebration. On Saturday, the museum is kept open until 21.00!

Secret tip: try Cosmonova. The largest planetarium in the country, which shows documentaries in the IMAX® format, even 3D. A visit to this cinema will surely give you an unforgettable experience. We absolutely loved it!

Depending on the length of the movie, one ticket can go as low as 75 SEK for adults or 35 SEK for children. See here the schedule for Cosmonova.

Join us in congratulating the museum! Many, many more years and happy and curious visitors!

Address: Frescativägen 40
Regular opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-18.00 and on certain Mondays
Closest station: Subway: Universitetet, Bus: Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
Tickets: Free entrance!

Text: Ionut @ stoRy touRs
Photo: Naturhistoriska.