Record Store Day 2018 in Stockholm: what’s happening and where     

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Record Store Day 2018 in Stockholm: what’s happening and where     

This Saturday, 21 April, 13 independent record stores in Stockholm County will participate in the 11th annual Record Store Day, giving the public the chance to see artists performing live and to buy vinyl pressed especially for the occasion.  

Many of us of a certain age will have fond memories of spending a considerable part of our youth browsing through countless vinyl albums, singles and CDs at our local record shops. As a teenager in the 1980s, I would spend weeks saving my pocket money for another album to add to my collection.

When I had finally gathered the required amount for the record I wanted, I would usually have enough money left over to take the bus one way – either into town or back home. I always opted for the latter; as I had been saving for what seemed an eternity, I figured I could wait the extra half hour it would take me to walk the 3km into town. And after all, once I had that album in my hands, I would want to rush home to my bedroom, take the LP out of its sleeve, place the needle on the record and be absorbed by the power of the music.

Going to such lengths to buy music must seem incredulous to young people today, many of whom expect to be able to stream their favourite sounds for free. But on the other hand, these people are missing out on the wonderful album artwork, the thrill of placing the stylus on that vinyl disc and that feeling of excitement and anticipation that I would get on the way to my local record store.

These are perhaps some of the reasons why vinyl has been making a comeback in recent years. Last year, for instance, The Guardian reported that sales of vinyl had reached a 25-year high in the UK in 2016 – and Record Store Day has played a major part in this renaissance of the record.

Held annually one Saturday in April every year since 2008, Record Store Day celebrates the culture of the independently owned record store. The event is hosted by thousands of independent record shops worldwide, where the public can buy a vast array of unique Record Store Day releases and listen to and meet a range of artists performing at various stores.

If you’re attending the event in Stockholm this Saturday, you’ll have 13 venues to choose from around the county. Those performing or signing autographs at these stores include long-established rock artists Staffan Hellstrand and Anders F. Rönnblom as well as jazz newcomer Amanda Ginsburg.

Here are the names, addresses and closest tube stations of the stores participating in Record Store Day 2018 in Stockholm County, along with the artists performing live or making personal appearances:


Bengans Drottninggatan, Drottninggatan 20 (T-Centralen): Oskar Linnros will sign autographs (13:00).

Gamla Stan

Plugged Records, Stora Nygatan 45 (Gamla Stan): Live performances by Amanda Ginsburg (12:00) and Anders F. Rönnblom (14:00).

Sound Pollution, Stora Nygatan 18 (Gamla Stan): Live performances by Jönssonligan (13:30) and Abramis Brama (15:00); Dregen (14:00) and Backyard Babies (16:00) will sign autographs.


Skivfönstret, Centralgatan (Nynäshamn – commuter train station)


Mickes Serier CD & Vinyl, Långholmsgatan 20 (Hornstull)

MJ Retro, Hornsgatan 153 (Hornstull)

Pet Sounds, Skånegatan 53 (Medborgarplatsen/Skanstull): Staffan Hellstrand will sign autographs (time not known)

Record Mania, Östgötagatan 2 (Slussen)


Delicious Goldfish Records, Förrådsgatan 4 (Näckrosen)

Hot Records, Råsundavägen 110 (Näckrosen)


Beat goes on, Sankt Eriksgatan 67 (S:t Eriksplan)

Runt Runt, Odengatan 90 (Odenplan/S:t Eriksplan): Live performances by Last Days Of April (13:00) and Grand Mojo (14:00).

Record Hunter, Sankt Eriksgatan 70 (S:t Eriksplan)






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